I’m working on it…


Sooooo yeah,

i don’t have a lot to report, i’m still renting… and the house is still falling apart, but i’m wokring on it.  Things are pretty positive.  No complaints.  I’m prolly pulling in some overtime but that’s about it…

What have i experienced recently?

i’ve had the best most dream like awesome vacation ever.  I haven’t seen my friends alot but i got alot of healthy shit done.  More on the vacay later.


It’s been an epic concert summer, but i almost forgot, how could i forget… i think i hate Jared Leto… i walked out on my first concert ever. it was TERRIBLE.  I was so appalled.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I want to like Jared Leto,  its not personal, but it is…. good lord i’m a fan girl… but not of him.  Let me restart.

I think Jared Leto is a really good actor, at least from what i’ve seen i’m not angry at him, or rage filled, he just is who he is and he makes some movies i like and some i don’t and its not that big of a deal.

I’m not a huge 30 seconds to mars fan but that one song kings and queens got me to watch Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole while i was working from home one day.  So when my company auctioned off some free tickets i was like, well maybe if no one else wants them, and they were playing with walk the moon, and mistewives and they have some radio songs i tolerate fairly well. So because of the demographic of my company not many people entered for the chance to win those tickets, (or so i thought), and i won them! Yay? To be honst i just kinda wanted to see Jared Leto, like a fascination thing, but Charlie wants to go see live music so he was like enter everything! He will learn his lesson.

So we went.

We missed mistewives, ’cause reasons, but when we got there my coworker and her husband informed me that 30 to the Moon wasn’t coming on until 9:30.  Wut?   On a fucking tuesday night? but why? they had no answers for us they were just as confused as us, but they had an hour drive home and weren’t going to stay past walk the moon anyway so it was cool.  We were like, this better be the best live show ever, bid tham see ya later, to get to our seats so we could see at least one band we sorta liked.  Walk the moon blew our minds.  They actually played all those damn interested  and sounded just like they did on the radio, they got the crowed hype, and even played some songs that were a little dark for the radio.  fun stuff! it was nice to watch, i didn’t take pictures so you can’t prove how good of a time i was having but it was a cute show. The ran around stage and were jumping up and down and it was pretty impressive. They wrapped it up nice and tight.  It was very pleasant. After their set ended we checked the time 8:40pm.  Wait wut? WTF are supposed to do until 930?  My coworker and her husband were like, “yep, e have an hour long drive home and have an hour long drive to work in the morning and don’t want to be sleepy in the am. deuces!”

So we waited, and waited, eventually we started seeing these terrible commercials pop up on the big screen.  Sun warrior vegan protein supplements. i shit you not, i was so confused, i thought it was a joke these commercials were so bad.

i couldn’t make this shit up i had to google it to be sure i wasn’t being pranked.

I have no problem with vegans…i think…but ads for vegan face masks, and face masks, and 30 second face masks, you know the shit that was removing youtubers eyebrows like 2 years agao? and i was like waiatminute who is picking this shite and who is here.  That’s when i looked around and i shit you not the place was half fucking empty.  You would think from all the screaming that was going on earlier that the place was packed but it wasn’t it was just high pitch.  I wish i had taken pictures but somehow i knew i didn’t want blackmail evidence. There were empty sections of seats, not just rows, sections.  there were a lot of ladies and their daughters, and angry dads and their preteens and… no one much else. It was weird, it was more preconcert than i have seen… ever.  maybe they were all buying t-shirts or maybe in the bathroom?  that’s the 3rd concert i’ve seen at the venue this year and it was just over half full?  i don’t get it.  between the emptiness and the commercials it was almost creepy to be sitting in that place in the dark.  But whatever, i want to see Jared Leto and hear the owl song.  Image result for the legend of owl guardiansOwl dude is not impressed, and not vegan

Anyway at like 9p we start seeing stuff happening on stage, and people start screaching, not cheering, not screaming, screeching. A pretty epic drum kit is brought on stage and sound tested, nice right?  then a little corral is set up on the left of the stage and a bunch of teenage looking girls is led out and stuck in the corner were they proceed to jump around and giggle and do girly things i think, they are probably also contest winners(these seats are nice, one day i’ll share more concert experiences with you.)

then nothing.

then at 915p a radio host comes out and tries very weekly to get the crowd hype, it’s almost like he knows no one here is looking to him, its like the crowd all sigh at once “where’s jared?” and he just kinds scoots back offstage somewhere, it was kind of depressing really, i think he actually really likes all the bands set to perform.  His poor soul.  The stage winners are still excited, but their legs are getting tired.

Around 9:25 i’m bored and not buying vegan 30 second foot scrub so i’m staring at the ceiling and i see a giant black box.  I ask “Is that what they’ve been setting up this whole time?” “No they had to set that up before everyone got here that’s would have been a hazard any other way.” “oh” i say.

9:33p a horrible horrible sound starts coming from the speakers, it sounds like the space shuttle is going off in the sound booth.  Some of the crow starts to cheer, some start to screech, alot of people are confused, myself included.

9:34p the box starts to descend from the ceiling, the screeching intensifies, the sound doesn’t stoff

9:36p the box hit the stage a full minute ago, the sound won’t stop “are they in there?” i ask my partner who is just as blown as i am, we stare at the stage in disbelief as i notice that some people are walking past the now screeching concert winners and going behind, no is that into the box? okaaay, its them right it has to be them.  Then all of my hopes are confirmed once the drum beat starts

9:40p “yo babe if that shuttle sound doesn’t end i’m walking out”.  So i check the track listing, “the owl song for the last show they did was the 3rd song and i really want to take a picture of jared leto, can we just stay please?” i had to turn it up for that one. yes i know i used my powers for evil, but i didn’t know it at the time.  Btw apparently this intro is on the album?  not 30 seconds after i say that the box opens,  and apparently its not a box its a series of collapsible screens. I can only imagine the confused look on my face as the the first? second? after intro song begins and there are only 2 people on stage. And the screens are all pretty lights.

What just happened?

i look at Charlie and we both burst out laughing in disbelief.  Then we both look back at the stage. “He’s not serious” “where’s the band?” ” is that a dj in the corner?” “what is going on here?” the questions DO NOT END. The crowd is going wi-something, people have flags there are 30 seconds to mars flags in the audience, i swear someones at the venue just gave to some girls and sent them into to the pit, ga whatever.  I pull out my phone and do some quick research, yes 30 seconds to mars is now a 2 person band and they have a Guinness world record.

Related image

“is he wearing a onsey?” “is that a cape” “is it sequined?” “HAHAHAHAHA!” “WHAT IS GOING ON?” “seriously though, the drummer is good, but who is playing the other instruments?” my boyfriend asks as he watches jared leto literally walk from one end of the stage to the other. WALK mind you while demanding everyone else jump WALK WALK anemically WALK around stage singing while his brother sweats gallons and the dj plays the album,

“um babe that is a dj in the corner” i respond while i keep trying to figure out what happened to the rest of the band.  Then suddenly the gold catches my eye, “Is this @*%^@!&#! actually wearing a onseie? no he has pant legs at the bottom, it’s like some sort of long outfit with pants” i am trying to convince myself.

“Fuck that shit, its a onsie!” that’s my charlie 🙂

“ok babe just let me take this picture”

“then we can leave?”

“1 more song and then i’m good” my girlfriend powers are losing strength as i loose the will to fight.  As the 1 song i came to hear starts to play i see something moving in the corner next to the caged concert winners… “Is, is that a guitarist?”

“holy shit it is”

“they let him out of his cage to help with this song, but won’t let him on stage with the rest of the band?”

“what band?  you mean the DJ they’re hiding?”



” you’re right fuck this shit i got my picture i’m done”

We then gleefully flee to the car knowing that we will be home resting in bed on time and well rested/on time for work tomorrow (10:05p).

you could have been home cuddling mommy

The moral of the story is do some research before you go to see concerts if you don’t know enough about the band… Walk the Moon was good though.

Seriously though Fuck you Jared Leto

The Trump Effect


I haven’t been writing about politics much in here, for a while, partly because I know that I have bloggy friends with very different views from mine and I don’t want to make them feel unwelcome, and partly because I need a place to escape from politics. But I realized recently that I’ve been leaving out a big part of why I feel the way I feel every day. I tell you about school, and religion, and dogs, and grief, all of which are huge parts of my life, but I also watch the news every day, and I am deeply affected by what I see and hear there.

grumpy cricket “I never watch the news.”

My brother once said to me that, of everyone he knows, I am the least tolerant of liars, as if I have a block against it (which makes the whole writing novels thing pretty hysterical!). So…

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