trying to get Onyx into Homeward Trails

this is the response e-mail that i recieved:


If you adopted your dog from Homeward Trails and need to return him/her please contact
Per our adoption agreement, we will definitely take your dog back for any reason.  You will receive a response to your e-mail within the next 24 hours.  If you do not wish to return your dog but are requesting advice or resources, we are happy to assist in whatever way we can.

If you did not adopt your dog from Homeward Trails but are requesting assistance in re-homing your dog there is a lot you can do on your own!
• If you purchased your dog from a breeder, you may be contractually obligated to return your dog to them.  Please review your paperwork for further information.
• If you adopted your dog from a rescue or Humane Society, you may be contractually obligated to return your dog to them.  Please review your paperwork or call the rescue/shelter for further information.
Once you have determined that you are not obligated to return your dog to an organization, we suggest the following:
• If your dog is purebred, contact a breed specific rescue.  They specialize in the breed and often have more flexibility to take in dogs.
• Advertise your dog!  Post on sites like Adopt-A-Pet (, Petfinder ( ), Pets 911 (  You can also put flyers up at local dog parks, vets, grocery stores, Starbucks, and other community bulletin boards.

We receive between 40-50 requests per week from the general public asking us to take in dogs.  We help when we can but space is very limited and we give priority to dogs on the euthanization list at the shelter and our own return adoptions.  We do not have a shelter facility but rely on a network of foster homes which are almost always full.  Each dog we bring in that belongs to a private citizen takes up a spot of a dog on death row.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your dog, provide at least three pictures, and copies of your pet’s most up-to-date vet records.

Please also be aware that we will almost always ask owners relinquishing their dog to Homeward Trails make a tax-deductible monetary donation between $100-$400.  Our fosters pay for food and supplies out of pocket and the organization covers the cost of medications, vaccinations, flea and tick preventive, heartworm preventive, and any other expenses that arise during the time we have a dog in our care.  If we are able to take in your dog it is also very likely that we will have to place your dog in boarding in a doggie daycare at a cost to our organization.  We can’t predict how long we will have a dog in our system – it could be one week or one year.

In order for your dog to be considered for our program, please respond to this e-mail with the following information:
•         Age, weight, breed of dog
•         Is your dog spayed/neutered and up to date on shots?
•         Is your dog good with other dogs?  Cats?
•         Does your dog have any anxieties?
•         Does your dog have any medical conditions?
•         How is your dog with children?
•         What causes you to need to surrender your dog?
•         Can you provide pictures of your dog?
•         Are you able to keep your dog until a home is found?
•         When does your dog need to be re-homed?

Should we have space for your dog, we may request to assess him/her prior to accepting them in our program.

A few final notes:
• Have you consulted with a trainer? Many bad behaviors can be fixed with the help of a trainer.    Keep in mind that not every trainer is able to help with every issue – get recommendations from your vet or from rescues – both have lots of experience with trainers in your area.
• Is your dog a senior?  Remember that most adoptive families are not looking for a senior dog and most senior dogs never make it out of the shelter.  Please consider whether you absolutely must give up your dog or if you can make adjustments in your home for the remainder of your dog’s life to accommodate any issues.
• Is your dog a bully breed?  Please keep in mind that bullies crowd local shelters and have far fewer options for adoption than most other breeds.  Many bullies never make it out of the shelter.  Consider whether you have explored every option in order to keep your bully.
• Have you lost your home or do you need to move?  The DC metro area has many dog-friendly apartment complexes and rentals.  Please Google “pet friendly housing” for options.

Thank you again for contacting Homeward Trails.

:(  i responded, fingers crossed

General Mills Cutting Artificial Flavors, Colors From All Its Cereals

Originally posted on Consumerist:

(frankieleon) Say goodbye to those blues and greens. (frankieleon)

Following the lead of Kraft, Nestlé, Panera, Subway, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell and other food-focused companies that have recently decided to ditch artificial ingredients, General Mills says it’s getting rid of artificial flavors and colors from all of its cereal lines.

Say goodbye to Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 1 and other artificial dyes common in some cereals, especially those sweet and brightly colored cereals aimed at kids. Instead, General Mills says it will use colors made from spices and fruit and vegetable concentrates.

The company announced today that it’ll start the process by first removing all the artificial stuff from Trix, Cocoa Puffs and Reese’s Puffs by the end of the year.

“Consumers increasingly want the ingredient list for their cereal to look like what they pull out of their pantry,” Jim Murphy, president…

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I’m having a life.   The short story is don’t buy this product:

To put it lightly it’s a POS and maybe a little bit racist.

It cannot stand even when properly assembled, and I would call it defective. The reviews on the website give it away.  The plastic braces are cut to different lengths and the connections are sloppy. When i contacted customer service they were just as  sloppy as their creation.  They did not want to pay for return shipping for their poorly constructed product and were stingy with the store credit.  This bad boy is going back.  I avoid Think Geek’s customer serivce theses days as in the past year i have never had a satisfactory interaction with them.  It’s a shame as i used to buy fromt hem a lot more often.  Now as much as i want the stuff they sell, i’ll have to see if i can get kool geeky toys somewhere else.  it’s just not worth the hassle of worrying that they’ll fuck up and i’ll have to deal withsome newb, who just wants to get me off the line so they can go back to product testing.

I recomend against shopping there until they get theirs together.

And of course i’m out of toilet paper >.<

Here’s Your Last Chance To Do Anything With A RadioShack Gift Card

Originally posted on Consumerist:

(Matthew Hunt) (Matthew Hunt) If you’re a person interested in retail bankruptcy, you’ll want to learn about how unsecured creditors hope to extract money from the smoldering remains of RadioShack. If you’re someone who recently discovered that they’re stuck with a RadioShack gift card, you’ll want to learn about how you can file your own claim against this trust and maybe get a tiny bit of money back in exchange for your gift card balance.

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Trying to save another life

Inline image 1

This pitbull is almost 2 years old and she is a really sweet girl.  She is good with some dogs and older kids,  She lives with a cat currently.

Inline image 2

Now here is the sad part.  Her owner is trying to get rid of her.  She got the pitbull when she was 6 months old with her boyfriend and she and her boyfriend broke up.  He lives in a non pet friendly apartment and wants nothing to do with his ex.  She has realized that she cannot financially take care of the dog’s needs any longer and doesn’t really want to keep her.  Since the breakup Onyx(the pup) has developed behavioral issues.  Fear of loud arguing, pillow humping, and fear of men in hats.  She has gotten better with some guidance from me but she and my dog cannot live together.  Her current owner is unwilling to work on training for her and i live an hour away.  I would like to try and get her out of the house she’s in before she’s got too many issues.  She’s not currently being excercised well and i’m paying for her food and treats.  (I’m friends with her owners roommate, who works crazy hours and also cannot afford to take care of the dog himself)

Inline image 3

Is there anyone out there who is interested in adopting a pup? Is there anyway you can help me find a new home for this poor girl?  Any rescues taking in doggies?  I was able to convince her owner to keep her for the interim and not just drop her off at the pound.  Anything you can do to help or even if you can just refer me to some place that is no kill that i can take her, i would really appreciate it.  Thanks for anything anyone can do to help.

Well i’m back…. i hope

So After rescuing my dog twice (once from the shelter once from medical doom), Thanks too all my supporters!  Thank you to everoen who donated and brought down the price of my dogs medical bills and allowed me to keep him alive and keep him.  I really appreciate it.  Sorry i have been gone for so long life came at me fast, i got busy with work, gym, boyfriend (yes i finally got one!) dog training, and all of my blog/film dreams fell behind.  I’m doing my best to catch up but it’s been really hard.  i’ll give a new update as soon as possible.  I’m also broken right now so i’ve been on crutches for two months. >.< poo on that noise, hopefully i’ll be recovered soon and be getting back involved in life~!

20150425_173223 (1)

Not my dog, but more on that later

On Bronies… or how to love and tolerate

Let me start out by saying I LOVE MLP:FiM (except for that Allicorn BS) my favorite two ponies are twilight sparkle and Nightmare Moon… I also have a soft spot for Fluttershy and Dr. WHOOVES… and who doesn’t love Derpy? Wait, this is turning into an invasive list… do somethin’! I will love and tolerate you to death!

So loving the show and loving what little bit of bronies I experienced from Etsy (my favorite shops are here and we ended up breaking all our pony glassware though, we have to order more eventually… some of other pony stores are currently on vacay though I’ll put them on blast when they get back. In a good way of course.), and My Little brony(link), I decided to search out that which I believed to be illusive. The brony. Oh my, was I unprepared.

In an effort to meet people, including hopefully “the one” or at least, the one I can tolerate until Sephiroth becomes a real person.


 one of my first loves

I joined (link) in 2013, its a website designed for people to make new friends (and boyfriends but that’s another post entirely )doing stuff… Click on the link they explain it better and I’m not here to sell the site for them. On a whim, hunting for these bronies, I found them! A group of Bronies was meeting up at a bar near my house! I was so excited!

I’m shy by nature and sometimes because of this I can come off as standoffish. But I figured that finding the Bronies they would love and tolerate me and want to hang out.   Bronies don’t judge, they accept. Bronies are friendly and try their best to be like the ideals the MLP: FiM puts forward. Willingness to meet new people, not judging a book by its cover, friendship is more than this, etc. etc. And the Bronies, the guys who awesomely step away from the BS man children that society likes to pretend are real men for the love and tolerance of others, the ones that embrace kindness to others, creativity, supporting those around you, and just being a good person while still being badass. Yeah, Bronies. Clearly, loving ponies, internet subcultures, and loving memes would be enough for me to make my first foray into Bronyville, right? It didn’t matter that most Bronies are described as still in high school and I am much closer to my mid thirties then my mid teens. I was going to meet Bronies, I could show off my pony schwag and my new ears, and we could talk about ponies and the show and they would tell me about Brony Con and all the cool stuff and maybe there would be a guy there my age who I could… get along with.


 His Sword’s real name is Fluttershy

So I told my friend who introduced me to MLP that we were not alone in our area and there were other lovers of the show in the area who we could meet up with and talk to! We were so excited! We had up to that point not been able to convince any of our other friends about how legendary ponies are but now there would be a crowd full of acceptance and tolerance that we could hang out with, and they were old enough to drink!


Technically still too young to drink…


So we donned our ears and went to the bar!


I fucking love my Twilight Sparkle ears


 Sephy would love them too…

What met us there was not exactly what was expected. We were a little… I don’t even know how to say this but, not comfortable, is putting it nicely. Explaining that day and that bar and that situation is one of the hardest things for me to do. I love ponies and everything they stand for… I support bronies… in a way… this was just weird, and I Specialize in weird. Weird is my thing, I’m off center, slightly of kilter, the shortest phrase you could use to describe me would be “Slightly disheveled”. You could say I’m eclectic if you were nice, sporadic if you are not. The word Nerdy could go either way these days. I fit in at Renn faires, goth clubs, dive bars, metal concerts, science convention, rocky horror picture shows, star wars marathons, you name it and if it’s not “normal” I go there… and I haven’t felt this ostracized since before high school, and I was the president of the Anime club in my high school. Shit I still host anime weekend once a year. Everyone who was there already knew each other, most of the other people there made no attempt to talk to us until after they were drunk. It’s not that they weren’t nice, it’s just that they didn’t seem interested in us. We were noobs… They tried to sell us pony schwag, they tried to hit on my married friend, someone puked on my shoes, asked us if we had brony names (which we didn’t because we were noobs), asked us if we read equestria daily (which we had never heard of because this was our first time) and I’m sure if they ever see this I’ll be kicked out of their meetup group. They have DRAMA. And just because they were at the bar did not mean they were far enough away from high school to not do some crazy and or stupid shit… like puke on my shoes, or be braggarts to the two new girls, and ignore us after they realized that we were older than them and not going to take them home. No seriously, I didn’t want to give any rides that day, we were right next to a bleepin’ metro station.   Now wait! Don’t judge just yet! I didn’t blow them off or never come back out again, but I have to admit, I haven’t had much better experiences. I went to laser tag… Very few people spoke to me, hell the people I met at the bar didn’t even speak to me again. I was so happy to see people I knew that I didn’t care about the shoe puking thing. Not A Word. I waved at them and started to approach, they looked past me and went to hang out with their friends… what? Did I offend someone with my mere presence?


his Pony name is Snob (someone please put ears on this and e-mail it to me, or even better make me a brony sephy…I will love you forever, plus free publicity)

It’s partially my fault. I’m a pussy socially awkward type who was surrounded by socially awkward types who all know each other… But this, this was like when I showed up to magic club halfway through the school year and they said I was too kool to play Magic and to go back to the D&D club where I belong. Was I just kicked out of the library for being nerdy about the wrong thing? teh fuck? (true story, they told me that I was not welcome to play magic with them and kicked me out of the library, at least the computer club accepted me for who I was… President of the Anime club)


My friend and I went to Brony Con last year… I have to admit I was having anxiety. I was glad she was there, because you know what even the Bronies I recognized from the last two Brony events I made it to still didn’t speak to me. I’m sorry that I didn’t make my Twilight Sparkle sleeves from scratch (seriously I was judged for that), sorry I only made three meetups (a lot of them are at houses so that the under agers can come, and I’m just too socially awkward to bust into someone’s house whom I’ve never met).


this is how i deal with my social anxiety

You know who was really nice to us? The ones who were friendly and we could talk to? The vendors, and the out of towners, the etsy store owners who traveled from all over the place to share their pony stuff at reasonable prices. Why? Because I had spoken to them before, I helped their small business, they wanted my money maybe. I was a fun customer and I gave gifts from their stores.  Because they are awesome sauce? Who knows. However they were AWESOME!


Assassin Brony knows how to party

I had a lot of fun with them. I even talked to some I had never met, but who I want to meet again. I got my picture taken with a bunch of ponies/bronies who were all much nicer to me than my local chapter. Maybe its because I’m a rando, or I’m older, or not a teenage boy, or maybe its because I don’t go to enough events, or maybe everyone was so nice because they thought they would never see me again.

Image(at the time of posting i couldn’t find the picture Zecora and I, so here are two other awesome anthros to demonstrate the point)

However, I refuse to give up. I refuse to let the dream die… I will hang out with my local bronies and I will go their events because I wanna love and tolerate them, and be accepting of them. …


except for this guy,









If you would like to help me design and pick a pony name, i would love to hear from you in the comments.  I have no idea what to pick. Hell, maybe i can give you a prize for your help.  Back to the list thus far;

  1. Do my hair*
  2. Fundraise for my dogs vet bills (please click here to donate love and moneys~! & Image
  3. Train my dog to stop whining (also known as communicate better with my animal)*
  4. Take my dog to obedience class*
  5. Pay all my bills *
  6. Get my A+
  7. Cook dinner every night*
  8. Mix drinks at home instead of buying beer
  9. Become a regular at a bar that’s not failing
  10. Read all the books *
  11. Watch one dvd on my Netflix every night
  12. Go to the doctor to get my things fixed
  13. Do my laundry *
  14. Clean my room *
  15. Get my own pimptastic camera
  16. Learn how to use my friends camera*
  17. Get my degree in anthropology
  18. Learn how to act*
  19. Do agility with my dog
  20. Get a canine good citizenship award for my dog
  21. Teach my dog to do search and rescue
  22. Work on my documentary *

No escape from PA moment this week, clearly it’s been a tough one, here have some good news. I’m going you should too!

Next time: my issues with writing a blog (maybe), and what the hell happened to my dog? Aka #2, Pony name contest, what the hell is wrong with your dog? aka #3, dating in the internet age, how do you know when obedience is complete? aka #4. i used to be a Nice Guy tm, how am i still broke!?!? aka #5, the difficulty with art…

and whatever else.  Ask me a question dear reader and maybe I’ll give you a post,