Pet Insurance – Part 3: Walmart and Pet Insurance Go Hand in Hand

wow, just whoa


There is one entity that exists in this world that in my opinion exemplifies almost everything wrong with the “currently sold version of capitalism”. It is an entity marketed and advertised and gossiped to and among the masses as their savior. It has been built, fortified, and “genetically modified” into the current parasitic, pestilent, despotic juggernaut it is, by the people, supposedly for the people, and dare I say the institution is almost worshipped and more than tithed to with the reverence of a church or a temple or any house of worship. It has the best, smiley face, wink, wink….I mean the best prices around… can’t beat those prices….because they, smiley face, wink, wink…love you, the common man. They love you so…so much that they strive endlessly to make your life better….they want you to be able to afford everything….they care that much about you. Many of their stores…

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