The best laid plans of dogs and women



You know I began this blog with the intent of showing why I left Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and never returned.  Some of those reasons you can see here and here.  As my life turns out to be much more interesting then lamenting the destruction of my home city by my home state, I haven’t really posted much about it.  Basically, I’ve been focused on my dog.   I posted once about my beginning life in the world of dogs, but I doubt anyone has read it yet.  I intend to submit it to the bark by January 24th in the hopes to raise awareness of my cause, but also in hopes to get practice writing for documentary funding.  Actually it’s mostly because i love that magazine and would like to contribute.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not a crazy dog lady, but to say that I have my hands in a bunch of pots maybe an understatement.  I’m working on many things right now, and I need you dear reader to help me keep my mind on the prizes and get all of this shite done.  It’ll be hard for me as I am a recluse who loves the privacy of the internet more than anyone, and takes criticism only slightly well, but I am breaking free of that.  Kind of, I’m trying to find some middle ground between being a recluse and completing my goals. So here they are in order of what should be easiest to what should be hardest and most time consuming, but I will probably not do them in that order.  I could actually make a blog post about each and every one of these things… actually, I think I shall.  There ain’t no list like an internet list right?  Maybe if I post about them and explain why they are so difficult for me to complete it’ll help people understand more about.. I don’t know things.  Leave me alone sometimes I’m lazy.   I guess the best way for me to describe myself right now is that I am a consumer who wants to be a producer without forgetting what it was like to consume.  Ok stop rambling here’s my list;

  1. Do my hair
  2. Fund raise for my dogs vet bills (please click here to donate love and moneys~! &
  3. Train my dog to stop whining (also known as communicate better with my animal)
  4. Take my dog back to obedience class
  5. Pay all my bills
  6. Get my A+
  7. Cook dinner every night
  8. Mix drinks at home instead of buying beer
  9. Become a regular at a bar that’s not failing
  10. Read all the books
  11. Watch one dvd on my Netflix everynight
  12. Go to the doctor to get my things fixed
  13. Do my laundry
  14. Clean my room
  15. Get my own pimptastic camera
  16. Learn how to use my friends camera
  17. Get my degree in anthropology
  18. Learn how to act
  19. Do agility with my dog
  20. Get a canine good citizenship award for my dog
  21. Teach my dog to do search and rescue
  22. Work on my documentary

Wow that’s a lot and I’m not even done yet… let’s see if I can get any of these done within the next week and tell you how it goes.  I’ll try doing the first thing on this list tonight, and let you know how it goes by at least next week.  And next week I’ll update the list hopefully removing completed tasks or at least checking things off as started.  I’ll try to keep it under 22 items for now.  For now, let me leave you with this nugget of truth that keeps me from moving back to Pennsylvania: Please tell me this is a joke…



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