Another 6 am Practice

About A Stepdad

bad omensDo you believe in harbingers? You know, signs that the universe sends you that things are going to go pear-shaped, that you really should stay in bed, today?

So, up at 4:30am. Sore from dental extractions. Got to the car at 5. It was still dark outside. Raining. Kind of beautiful. I could see the lights of the valley. There was almost no sound of traffic. Streetlight glistened like diamonds on the pavement.

It was serine. Quiet. Peaceful.

IMG_2799Then I pressed the wrong key on the car fob and set off my alarm. A loud, blinking, wailing alarm.


Being 5am, it was a total shock. Like a bucket of cold water thrown on me. I leapt back. Eyes wide. Heart stopping. And the car key flew out of my hand.  Then, bounced, as any key would do, under the car.


Mortified, I flung myself to…

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