Well i’m back…. i hope

So After rescuing my dog twice (once from the shelter once from medical doom), Thanks too all my supporters!  Thank you to everoen who donated and brought down the price of my dogs medical bills and allowed me to keep him alive and keep him.  I really appreciate it.  Sorry i have been gone for so long life came at me fast, i got busy with work, gym, boyfriend (yes i finally got one!) dog training, and all of my blog/film dreams fell behind.  I’m doing my best to catch up but it’s been really hard.  i’ll give a new update as soon as possible.  I’m also broken right now so i’ve been on crutches for two months. >.< poo on that noise, hopefully i’ll be recovered soon and be getting back involved in life~!

20150425_173223 (1)

Not my dog, but more on that later


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