I’m having a life.   The short story is don’t buy this product:

To put it lightly it’s a POS and maybe a little bit racist.

It cannot stand even when properly assembled, and I would call it defective. The reviews on the website give it away.  The plastic braces are cut to different lengths and the connections are sloppy. When i contacted customer service they were just as  sloppy as their creation.  They did not want to pay for return shipping for their poorly constructed product and were stingy with the store credit.  This bad boy is going back.  I avoid Think Geek’s customer serivce theses days as in the past year i have never had a satisfactory interaction with them.  It’s a shame as i used to buy fromt hem a lot more often.  Now as much as i want the stuff they sell, i’ll have to see if i can get kool geeky toys somewhere else.  it’s just not worth the hassle of worrying that they’ll fuck up and i’ll have to deal withsome newb, who just wants to get me off the line so they can go back to product testing.

I recomend against shopping there until they get theirs together.

And of course i’m out of toilet paper >.<


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