trying to get Onyx into Homeward Trails

this is the response e-mail that i recieved:


If you adopted your dog from Homeward Trails and need to return him/her please contact
Per our adoption agreement, we will definitely take your dog back for any reason.  You will receive a response to your e-mail within the next 24 hours.  If you do not wish to return your dog but are requesting advice or resources, we are happy to assist in whatever way we can.

If you did not adopt your dog from Homeward Trails but are requesting assistance in re-homing your dog there is a lot you can do on your own!
• If you purchased your dog from a breeder, you may be contractually obligated to return your dog to them.  Please review your paperwork for further information.
• If you adopted your dog from a rescue or Humane Society, you may be contractually obligated to return your dog to them.  Please review your paperwork or call the rescue/shelter for further information.
Once you have determined that you are not obligated to return your dog to an organization, we suggest the following:
• If your dog is purebred, contact a breed specific rescue.  They specialize in the breed and often have more flexibility to take in dogs.
• Advertise your dog!  Post on sites like Adopt-A-Pet (, Petfinder ( ), Pets 911 (  You can also put flyers up at local dog parks, vets, grocery stores, Starbucks, and other community bulletin boards.

We receive between 40-50 requests per week from the general public asking us to take in dogs.  We help when we can but space is very limited and we give priority to dogs on the euthanization list at the shelter and our own return adoptions.  We do not have a shelter facility but rely on a network of foster homes which are almost always full.  Each dog we bring in that belongs to a private citizen takes up a spot of a dog on death row.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your dog, provide at least three pictures, and copies of your pet’s most up-to-date vet records.

Please also be aware that we will almost always ask owners relinquishing their dog to Homeward Trails make a tax-deductible monetary donation between $100-$400.  Our fosters pay for food and supplies out of pocket and the organization covers the cost of medications, vaccinations, flea and tick preventive, heartworm preventive, and any other expenses that arise during the time we have a dog in our care.  If we are able to take in your dog it is also very likely that we will have to place your dog in boarding in a doggie daycare at a cost to our organization.  We can’t predict how long we will have a dog in our system – it could be one week or one year.

In order for your dog to be considered for our program, please respond to this e-mail with the following information:
•         Age, weight, breed of dog
•         Is your dog spayed/neutered and up to date on shots?
•         Is your dog good with other dogs?  Cats?
•         Does your dog have any anxieties?
•         Does your dog have any medical conditions?
•         How is your dog with children?
•         What causes you to need to surrender your dog?
•         Can you provide pictures of your dog?
•         Are you able to keep your dog until a home is found?
•         When does your dog need to be re-homed?

Should we have space for your dog, we may request to assess him/her prior to accepting them in our program.

A few final notes:
• Have you consulted with a trainer? Many bad behaviors can be fixed with the help of a trainer.    Keep in mind that not every trainer is able to help with every issue – get recommendations from your vet or from rescues – both have lots of experience with trainers in your area.
• Is your dog a senior?  Remember that most adoptive families are not looking for a senior dog and most senior dogs never make it out of the shelter.  Please consider whether you absolutely must give up your dog or if you can make adjustments in your home for the remainder of your dog’s life to accommodate any issues.
• Is your dog a bully breed?  Please keep in mind that bullies crowd local shelters and have far fewer options for adoption than most other breeds.  Many bullies never make it out of the shelter.  Consider whether you have explored every option in order to keep your bully.
• Have you lost your home or do you need to move?  The DC metro area has many dog-friendly apartment complexes and rentals.  Please Google “pet friendly housing” for options.

Thank you again for contacting Homeward Trails.

😦  i responded, fingers crossed


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