Finally! Onyx now Raven

Onyx has been adopted by my high school friend from Philadelphia, Nina.  Yay!  She now lives with 2 cats and has an older brother Cesar.  They are getting along great!  all those issues she left Baltimore with seem to have disappeared.  No more humping pillows, no more fear based acting out every things is all good for the little princess.  She Even has a new name to go along with her wonderful new life “Raven”.  Nina was originally just going ot try and foster her while we kept trying to get her into a shelter, but she is now a foster failure and her family is complete (until babies that is), i’m glad that she and joe were able to do so good by this dog, it’s been a couple of months now and Raven is doing great!


(seen here being spoiled by Auntie A~)


it helps that they like 2 different types of toys, so they don’t have anything to fight over.  It also cracks me up that i escaped from PA only to send Onyx there to live a happy life.  Irony?  maybe PA isn’t so bad after all…

Nope. Never mind.  Good for just doggies maybe.

20151010_124826.jpg.jpegCan you even tell the adorableness apart?




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