Does this sound unreasonable to you?

Good Morning,

My friend found a dog, they took him to their vet and found he was not microchipped.  We put up found flyers all over he area and were contacted by his owners.
They do not speak english, but they have decided they do not want him back.  They stopped speaking to us before we could get information on why or what his medical history is.
We all currently have dogs and can not afford to keep him (They have an arthritic 9 year old great dane and i have a 4 year old doberman pinscher undergoing treatment for primary IMHA)
He is 8 months to 1 year old and we would like to re home him but we would like get him neutered first, however none of is very well off.  Can you help us?  What should our next steps be?
We don’t get paid again until the 4th, and rent is due so it would have to be after that, can we make an appointment that far out?

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